Corporate Advisory

Strategic Consulting

Transaction Services

FFG Advantage

FFG provides independent advice to clients not biased by a particular product, transaction or outcome being offered by interested parties

Our personnel provide senior level attention to client matters based on extensive business and investment banking expertise

  • 40+ years of project experience in a variety of cultural contexts
  • Execution of $50 billion of financing and M&A transactions
  • In depth knowledge and coordination of multiple disciplines such as legal, accounting, finance, acquisitions and tax

We have particular expertise in:

  • Providing strategic planning and C suite business consulting services to multinational CEOs and CFOs
  • Structuring, negotiating and managing complex, risk oriented projects in North American and European markets
  • Working with entrepreneurial and creative clients in a wide variety of industries such as technology, design, architecture, fashion, marketing and healthcare to maximize their financial potential

In achieving a strategic objective, we believe that professional, independent advice and rigorous preparation enables a client to maintain maximum control and flexibility over the process. High level, cost-effective project management also increases the likelihood of success on the most favorable terms and at the lowest cost of execution.