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FFA's mission is to deliver clients investment returns above benchmark levels with lower volatility and downside risk. Fundamentally, we take a long-term view of investing highlighting growth and capital preservation with a particular focus on dividends as an important component of future total returns and a value orientation.

We arrive at a client investment strategy by means of client interviews and a detailed presentation of your balance sheet, income statement and cash flow needs. Extensive FFA research then seeks to identify those individual investments suitable to your financial objectives and risk tolerance.  Your financial profile is updated annually to make sure that the investment strategy is still appropriate to your situation and prospects.  We also seek to optimize tax efficiency, wherever possible, through the harvesting of capital gains/losses as opportunities arise. 

  • Tailor investment strategy to fit client financial profile:
    • Client interviews define objectives and risk tolerance
    • Historical income and balance sheet data are next reviewed and analyzed
    • Projected income and capital needs are further assessed to further refine investment strategy
  • Once objectives set, seek highest client return with lowest unit of risk
  • Balance client needs for growth and capital preservation:
    • Seek to exceed benchmark returns
    • Minimize downside risk and portfolio volatility
    • Select best of breed mutual funds, ETFs and individual securities. Value orientation
    • Attain tax efficiency wherever possible